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Transparency, Surplus, and Riskier Assets
For seasoned and serious advisors: Introducing a fast and effective way to assess your client’s annuity and life insurance company counterparty risk.

Debt Free 4 Life addresses one of the biggest problems faced by 77% of Americans...debt!

Debt Free 4 Life is a smart financially unique solution!

Not only does this proprietary system help our clients pay their debts off years (sometimes decades) earlier...

It can also save them tens of thousands of dollars in interest...

Build their wealth at the same time...

And does it all tax-free!

The Real Return Reporter - model scenarios and show the strength of the high volatility equity only indexes that are available on select products developed by the Smart Advisor Network.  Indexes they will recognize and are reported on by all the media.  No more egg on your face from made up indexes - market up - your client is up.  Market down the Real Return Reporter shows the value of your approach when a period of negative sequence of return strikes.  Meaningful upside and measured (or no) risk.