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Here's what you'll learn...

How a 4% fixed rate 30-year mortgage has an initial effective interest cost of 69%.

How the average American is likely losing 30% or more of their monthly payments to paying only interest and how to stop that.

How the Debt Free 4 Lifeâ„¢ snowball approach to debt elimination out performs so-called "banking" sales systems and why Debt Free 4 Lifeâ„¢ is superior, more effective, and is the ultimate communication system from you to your new Debt Free 4 Lifeâ„¢ clients.

When you become a Debt Free 4 Lifeâ„¢ advisor, you'll learn how to run a very profitable niche financial business solving America's Number #1 Finanical Problem: Debt!

You'll attract interested and motivated prospects.
You'll educate them on the real problem: their effect interest cost!
And you'll earn new business helping hard working people become Debt Free 4 Life™.

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You Will Learn:

Exactly what data is needed. Where to input that data. How to generate reports. You'll learn exactly what to say and how to use reports like this to get your prospects to easily say YES to you!

You want to be in this niche financial business:
eliminating debt for good.
Here's why:

Why debt and

Today Americans have debts totalling over $18 trillion. Corporate America's debt load is nearly $10 trillion, a record 47% of the overall economy. Our nation is also deeply in debt - $28 trillion. Because of this specific debt, our nation's debt, most believe taxes will rise over time.

$15.8 Trillion
mortgage debt

U.S. mortgage debt rose to $15.8 trillion in the third quarter of 2019

$1 Trillion
credit card debt

Americans owe nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt, a record high

$1.64 Trillion
student loan debt

More than 42 million Americans have student loan debt

New "wealth focused" taxes are now here. The SECURE Act represents such a tax. By ending the Stretch IRA the SECURE Act ACCELERATES the lifetime Effective Tax Cost on your client's IRA and 401(k) accounts. These problems are enormous and the market for quality advice seeking solutions defines the SMART opportunity provided to you here.

Since we mentioned taxes above,
let's talk about your bonuses...

You'll also get this advanced tax tool to explain to financially well off prospects this growing tax "time bomb" and your tax smart solution. Your Debt Free 4 Lifeâ„¢ clients will love this as your debt elimination snowball plan grows their income and net worth.

You get important live training opportunities nine times per month. These are NOT videos. These are live sessions run by the most successful Debt Free 4 Lifeâ„¢ advisors so you can learn from the very best.

PLUS these other bonuses...

Free live training from America’s top forensic accountant to the insurance industry on how to pick the best companies for your clients today.

An ongoing Invitation to Tech Talk Tuesdays where the system creator and mentors share success stories, case design scenarios, and marketing ideas.

Invitation to Monday Mindshots - a deep dive into complex tax, debt, income planning techniques and sales methodology.

These bonuses alone are worth over $1,000 per month!
You’ll maintain access to these bonuses for your
entire time as a Debt Free 4 Life™ advisor.

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