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How a 4% fixed rate 30-year mortgage has an initial effective interest cost of 69%.

How the average American is likely losing 30% or more of their monthly payments to paying only interest and how to stop that.

How the Debt Free 4 Life™ snowball approach to debt elimination out performs so-called "banking" sales systems and why Debt Free 4 Life™ is superior, more effective, and is the ultimate communication system from you to your new Debt Free 4 Life™ clients.

When you become a Debt Free 4 Life™ advisor, you'll learn how to run a very profitable niche financial business solving America's Number #1 Finanical Problem: Debt!

You'll attract interested and motivated prospects.
You'll educate them on the real problem: their effect interest cost!
And you'll earn new business helping hard working people become Debt Free 4 Life™.

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